Rua Barron, Jordan Broatch, Gabrielle Friedman and Maddy Maguire - image by Steven O'Gorman

Ever thought about stealing someone’s ashes? Neither had Millie. Now she’s barrelling down the M6 in a Fiat Punto with three accomplices, 45 packets of crisps and a large decorative urn. 

Four Felons and a Funeral is about four dysfunctional friends on a road trip to scatter their mate’s ashes. And it opens at Oxford’s North Wall today (July 13), running until July 15.

En route, they go through the five essential stages of grief: screaming, shouting, fighting, fainting and fleeing from justice.

Gabrielle Friedman (Millie) and Maddy Maguire – image by Steven O’Gorman

Written by Sam Woof and Màth Roberts, and produced by Mrin Roy and Lowri Spear as local theatre company GOYA, this musical is an exploration of friendship, found family, and how to find joy amongst the grief of losing loved ones.

Artistic Director Sam explains: “GOYA was born in Oxford in 2022, so it’s extremely exciting to be back, and we are delighted to be taking this brand new rollercoaster ride of a show on a trip down memory lane.

Jordan Broatch (Wilf) – image by Steven O’Gorman

“As this is a story about people coming together, it’s fitting then that we’ll be performing it in the city that brought us into each other’s lives’.

Four Felons and a Funeral is the perfect example of GOYA’s brand of Queer musical theatre at its finest.

Four Felons and a Funeral is on at the North Wall from July 13-15. Book here:

Rua Barron (Saz), Maddy Maguire, Jordan Broatch and Gabrielle Friedman – image by Steven O’Gorman