Rosie and Hugh's Great Adventure

New jukebox family musical Rosie and Hugh’s Great Big Adventure, featuring Nick Cope‘s songs, opens at North Wall later this month (July 24-27).

The famous singer songwriter has paired up with children’s writer Victoria Saxton, who wrote the script based around Nick’s songs, in this new jukebox musical aimed at 3-6 year-old’s.

Nick, former lead singer in the Candyskins, and now better known for his hugely popular Popcast on CBeebies and his sell out children’s solo shows, said that when approached to take part in creating this new family musical he jumped at the chance.

Nick Cope

“It’s been really fun seeing the characters come to life to my songs, or should I say ‘my greatest hits’,” he jokes, “and we can’t wait to see how our audiences react.”

Victoria adds that the biggest challenge was which tunes to pick from Nick’s extensive repertoire but was instantly on board with the project. “Nick’s lyrics really spoke to me when I was writing the show and helped me come up with the characters, which I hope will really appeal to Nick’s many fans,” she adds.

Rosie and Hugh’s Great Big Adventure

“There was such a rich catalogue to choose from and the ones we have selected work so well together, so this feels like a really unique collaboration.”

Rosie and Hugh’s Great Big Adventure features Rosie and Hugh the Hedgehog who are best friends. It’s the end of the summer holidays and Rosie is nervous about starting a new school. Hugh knows of a witch who lives in the forest with her pet dragon, who might cast a spell to make it the last day of the summer holidays forever. But first Rosie and Hugh need help from their new friends; a squirrel with a wobbly tooth, a little lizard and a very rusty robot.

‘the take home message of the show is that you should always be yourself even when things get difficult’

So how did Rosie and Hugh’s Great Big Adventure come about? Producer David Luff says: “I’ve been a fan of Nick’s music for decades so approached him about joining forces for a new duke box musical for kids, and now it’s full steam ahead.”

Rosie and Hugh’s Great Adventure. Credit Geraint Lewis

Performed by a cast of five talented actor-musicians, David adds: “It’s been really great fun bringing these characters to life and the narrative just flows because we have an amazing cast, but ultimately the take home message of the show is that you should always be yourself even when things get difficult.”

Recommended for ages 3+

Rosie and Hugh’s Great Big Adventure runs at The North Wall on July 24-27. Book at