Michael Jelley and Graeme Woodward of Grape Minds

Michael Jelley and Graeme Woodward couldn’t be more excited now that they have the keys for their next premises firmly in their hands.

Yes Grape Minds’ second wine merchants will open on September 17 in 10 St Martin’s Street in what was Raspberry Tart in Wallingford. There you will be able to choose from their 500 carefully chosen wines and spirits as well as enjoying special wine tasting evenings.

Michael Jelley and Graeme Woodward of Grape Minds

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So why Wallingford? “We have always wanted to open a wine shop there and are really excited about it,” Michael tells me. “It’s a nice little shop right in the town centre.

“We have been looking since January and are delighted to have found what we want.”

WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET our new customers and finding them their perfect bottle of wine”

“Wallingford already has a great variety of independent shops and the locals have already been so supportive about our plans, so it just seemed like the right time.

Having started up Grape Minds in Summertown three years ago, the boys are confident that Wallingford is the right venue for their expansion.

Grape Minds in Summertown

Having met at Majestic Wine in Oxford, the duo branched out on their own and have made a real success of it, their extensive knowledge and passion being much appreciated by their ever growing Oxford audience.

“It’s been unrelenting but fun running our own business,” Michael adds, “and while the pandemic was unpredictable it worked well for us because everyone was drinking wine at home.

The keys to the new premises in Wallingford

“People are more interested in wine these days and want to know where it comes from, its heritage and how it’s made. They want to explore other wines beyond their own supermarkets. So opening our own place has been a rewarding experience.”

As for the future, for now the boys are focussing on Wallingford, but admit they have dreams of expanding even further. “As long as our shops maintain that personal touch and great employees it’s do-able.

“But right now we are just looking forward to meeting our new customers and finding out what wine the people of Wallingford like to drink, to talk to them, enthuse them and find them their perfect bottle of wine. We just cant wait to meet them.” https://grapemindsdrinkalike.co.uk