Emma Dickson

Neoteric Dance Company is bringing their physical stories about the UK’s armed forces and veterans to Oxfordshire Artweeks online.

What makes this Oxford Artweeks Festival even more important to Wallingford based founder and Artistic Director Emma Dickson, is that the festival falls across VE day; a moment in history that was monumental for not only the armed forces, but civilians across Europe.

As Neoteric Dance Company is currently working with the military community to create projects that share their experiences, as well as working with their family and friends, it is even more poignant..

For example, recent projects explore the impact combat PTSD has on individuals and sees us give a voice to those it affects, both directly and indirectly.​

As part of the festival, Neoteric Dance Company is screening several professional dance films alongside a select collection of photographs and art pieces that accompany previous company projects relating to combat and its aftermath.

The first film  ‘Day to Day I Am Fighting To Stay Alive’, being screened on Friday May 8, explores the impact that combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has had on one veteran and his life since returning to civilian life. This project was supported by the ‘Wallingford & District Royal British Legion’ Branch and the charity ‘PTSD Resolution’.

The second film,  ‘Through Her Eyes’ explores through dance and expressive movement the impact combat PTSD can have on the loved ones of those who, as a result of being in combat, have since struggled with mental health issues and life difficulties once returning home. It will be screened on Sunday May 9-10.

This project was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Visitors can see these at www.artweeks.org/galleries/2020/emma-dickson

Visitors to the Oxfordshire Artweeks website will also be able to see ‘A Home In Isolation’ a short dance film made in isolation that is in response to the current health issues experienced around the world.


Oxfordshire Artweeks, which is taking place online www.artweeks.org until May 25.