At last! Just when you thought lockdown was going on forever, you can’t face cooking another meal and it feels like you’ll never go out again, the new ‘White Hart at Home’ concept comes to the rescue.

Whether you treat yourself or somebody else, The White Hart in Wytham has upped the game by introducing their new White Hart at Home service complete with three courses, wine pairings, music, linen and even party games should you require them.

“Since we’re not currently able to do these things at the pub, we thought now might be a good time to bring them home to you,” landlord Mark Butcher explains.

“With all we’ve learnt and loved about hosting over the years, we’ve put together a special menu with a few extra essentials to help you host wherever you are. Through this uncertain time, we hope you can take the time out to enjoy eating in.”

“While we at the White Hart adjust to this new normal, we want to do all we
can to help preserve and celebrate the ultimate everyday ritual – the simple
act of sharing a meal,” Mark adds.

But more than that, this is a dining experience rather than a simple takeaway. So why go that extra mile? “Like every host knows, the art of eating well may start with great food and drink, but it’s the intangible ingredients around it that make a meal an
occasion. The individual touches we take pride in – laying each piece of
cutlery down in its place, lighting a candle, pouring the wine – acts that
announce the time to put everything else aside and eat has come,” he explains.

And this is what Mark at The White Hart in Wytham will provide.

To put you in the picture this is his first menu, which will be changing weekly:

Additional options include: – wines and pairing menu available, also for delivery, from Grape Minds in Summertown. Hosting tips and tricks e.g. lighting, music, laying the table (seating plan, decorations), timings, after-dinner games, tealights, tablecloths, fresh flowers, place-name cards, and even a link to a Spotify playlist.

“We are just in the process of refining our final preparations, including our bespoke embroidered face masks, and from tomorrow our menu will be going live, with the first deliveries going out on Wednesday April 29 and Friday May 1 this week,” Mark adds.

You can click and collect or we’ll deliver to your door. All you need to do is choose your wine, dress up, and maybe light a candle, and leave the rest to us.

Just make sure you pre order well in advance, ideally two days before and pay online.

All menu items are available to eat now ( with some warming up by you) or as frozen with full cooking instructions.

To order go to or ring 07973 971706 and leave a message or email HERE