Welcome to the Ox In A Box Food Awards 2024 and here is our last category BEST CHEF 2024. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

The awards will be held on Monday May 13 at the North Wall, with headline sponsors Goldstar Recruitment and Thomas Franks Ltd, attended by Le Manoir’s Raymond Blanc

In alphabetical order, the nominations for Best CHEF are: VOTE HERE https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Adam Brown – Killingworth Castle, Wootton near Woodstock – Adam has turned the food offering at this quintessential Oxfordshire gastropub into a truly refined affair, which keeps the awards and accolades continually flowing in. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Adam Brown at the AA Hospitality Awards

Aimee Collins – Five Little Pigs, Wallingford – Tackles food in an innovative and nostalgic way, her soul-warming dishes and menus concentrating on seasons and sustainability. There is nothing predictable about Aimee or her food – she is always one step ahead – which is why her fans return time and time again. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Aimee with Sam and Rob

Andrew Carr – The Yurt at Nicholsons, North Aston – Ambitious from the word go – transforming The Yurt into a serious foodie destination whether you pop in for brunch, lunch or his inventive and numerous pop-up dinners where his skills and originality take precedence. HIs eco-credentials are second to none – little hors to waste here but he still manages to ensure each element has its moment in the sun. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Head chef Andrew Carr at The Yurt

Andy Lewis – Sir Charles Napier, Chinnor – Always a pleasure, his whimsical food, presentation and delivery produces some stunning food, ensuring this famous foodie Mecca stays firmly on the map. Sublime cooking. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Andy and his team in the kitchen at the Sir Charles Napier

Ben Wood, Wilding, Little Clarendon Street, Oxford – has made a big impression since arriving on Oxford’s restaurant scene, transforming the food offering at this Oxford restaurant in a really game changing way. His sharing plate menu is hard to resist, each one stands alone in terms of taste while never overcomplicating the dishes. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Ben Wood in the open kitchen at Wilding

Ben Whyles, Arbequina, Cowley Road – the simplicity of his dishes does not detract from his impeccable taste palette, the flavour imbued in every dish and the authenticity of the exceptional tapas, ensuring this beloved East Oxford restaurant stays right at the top of Oxfordshire’s restaurant hierarchy. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Exec chef Ben Whyles with head chef Norberto

George Nolan, Bia, Summertown – there’s lots of noise around the emergence of this young, ambitious chef onto the Oxford food scene, namely because of the sheer joy, fun and novelty of his dishes and the lack of pomp and circumstance in his restaurant. The food speaks for itself, nothing predictable here, which is its greatest attribute. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

George Nolan at Bia

Georgia Gallacher- Table 13, Wheatley – Goes from strength to strength. Last year’s winner has big plans afoot, but in the meantime her reputation grows as her weekly supper clubs pack out and her novel pop-ups spread her plant-based ideology, the best example of how vegan food can be as revered and skilful as anything carnivorous evident. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Georgia Gallacher from Table 13 who won Best Chef in the OXINABOX FOOD AWARDS 2023 Pic by Ed Nix

Hendrik Dutson-Steinfeld, Duck On The Pond, South Newington – Oh we love his food. And he doesn’t hold back – his immense taster menus keep the tastes and surprises coming as he demonstrates his skill and enthusiasm in every component. A great advocate of smoking, pickling and preserving, his flair for experimental food really pays off. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Hendrik Dutson-Steinfeld at The Duck On The Pond

Johnny Parke – Back Lane Tavern, Woodstock – Doesn’t follow the rulebook, his food setting the cat amongst the pigeonsh, his inspiring creativity evident in each and every one of his sharing plates. His consistency is also pivotal, the classics proving impossible to remove from the menus, a revolt guaranteed whenever he tries. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Johnny Parke

Ladd Thurston, Elle’s Deli, East Oxford – there is no better Thai food to be had. Fact. And yes, Ladd and her husband Rufus have downsized their restaurant to fit in with family life, but you can still sample it there, take it away to enjoy at home or book in to the popular pop-ups. Every bite is a gift. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Ladd at the Ox In A Box Food Awards 2020

Mark Chandler, White Hart, Fyfield – A hugely popular enterprise, largely thanks to Mark’s finesse in the kitchens, it’s not just about the stunning food that rolls out so accordantly, but the fact that they grow so much of the produce used themselves as possible. Seasonal to a tee, his customers eagerly look forward to his new menus as soon as the weather changes. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Mark Chandler of The White Hart in Fyfield

Martin Sherriff – Greyhound, Letcombe Regis – His ambitions in the kitchen show no sign of abating, ensuring that this country gastropub delivers some really exquisite food in a remarkably consistent fashion. His menus are delightful – classics with a twist – his attention to detail unwavering. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Martin Sherriff with his team at The Greyhound Letcombe Regis

Mike North – Nut Tree, Murcott. An incontrovertible nomination, no Oxfordshire line-up would be complete without this doyen of the local food scene. The Michelin star says it all, but he never rests on his laurels, always pushing his team to achieve more, his culinary prowess unabating. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Mike North at The Nut Tree

Pascal Wiedemann, Pompette, Summertown – His CV speaks for itself, Pascal starting out with Henry Harris at Racine, then Terroirs with Ed Wilson, Six Portland Road and finally the charming Summertown restaurant where his Alsace-Lorraine specialities insistent on flavour and authenticity. Truly accomplished. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Pascal and Laura

Paul Welburn – The Swan, Islip – He has one Michelin star under his belt at 215 in Summertown, his attention moving onto putting the Cygnet Restaurant at the top of Oxfordshire’s culinary tree. Unrelenting in both his work ethic and avant-garde food, he continues to push the boundaries in his quest to provide novel and exciting fine dining. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Paul Welburn( centre) with his kitchen team – chef de partie Jenildo Dos Santos (L) and (R) Peter Little

Rene Pinedo, Feathered Nest, Nether Westcote has taken over the reins at this stately Cotswold gastropub and although they are big boots to fill, by introducing some of his Carribean influences onto the rural menu, is already showing all the right signs. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Renemar Pinedo is the new head chef at The Feathered Nest

Ryan and Liam Simpson-Trotman, Orwells, Shiplake – their food defies belief, the couple’s evident zeal and enjoyment of ingredients allowed to flourish, each dish a gift. The presentation is second to none – the excitement when each course is presented is palpable, delivering on so many levels. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Orwells. Ryan and Liam Simpson-Trotman

Sam Bowser – Wild Rabbit, Kingham. This Daylesford flagship is enormously popular and highfalutin, none of which flummoxes Sam who governs his kitchen calmly while never taking his eye off the ball. His delicate touch is unerring regardless of the countryside menus. Enormously accomplished and reliable, the Wild Rabbit shines bright as a result. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Exec head chef Sam Bowser at The Wild Rabbit

Samuel Squires – Old Crown, Faringdon – Samuel’s food has made a huge impact since he took over at this recently reopened country hotel, transforming the culinary offering into something really special, allowing diners access to some of the best food in Oxfordshire, his fine dining menus matching the elegant ballroom surroundings. Vote now https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf

Samuel Squires and Nick Evans at The Old Crown in Faringdon

There are 10 categories and we will be announcing one every day for the next 10 days. These include BEST NEWCOMER, BEST PUB/BAR, BEST CAFE, BEST RESTAURANT, BEST VEGGIE/VEGAN, BEST CHEF, BEST GASTROPUB, BEST EUROPEAN, BEST GLOBAL, BEST COMMUNITY FOOD HERO.

You can only vote once in each category so keep voting every day for all 10 categories! Voting ends at the beginning of May. Vote here https://www.surveyhero.com/c/qpjnj9vf