Brunch at The Yurt

The sun was shining, the kids were home, brunch beckoned. Where to go? The Yurt at Nicholsons in North Aston (yes the posh garden centre).

Why? Well for a start new head chef Andrew Carr (he of the White Hart in Wytham fame) has taken over, (read about it here:, it has a great outdoor space option, and I love the brunch menu.

Outside at The Yurt

From pancakes to kedgeree, yoghurt and granola, to croissants oozing with crème pâtissière and fresh fruit, Turkish eggs….everything is a treat and choosing what to have was always going to be the hardest decision.

it was glorious, refined obviously (well, it is Nicholsons) so we had to contain ourselves in our gorging, but much enjoyed

Sat at one of the long trestle tables admiring the intricate artwork on our coffees, we waited in anticipation, as dish after colourful dish wafted past our table.

Kedgeree at The Yurt

And then it was our turn. And oh boy it was worth the wait. The smoked haddock kedgeree with crispy shallots, basmati rice, poached eggs, and coriander (£12.95) was delectable, a large chunk of fish, a fresh curry sauce, fluffy rice, crispy onions, fresh herbs – the full monty.

Pancakes at The Yurt

On the other side of the table both kinds of pancakes (£8) were being demolished – buttermilk with caramel banana and the fresh fruit and maple syrup, and when I say demolished, I mean demolished.

The bananas come with a caramel sauce, but are not caramelised, although equally delicious

Pancakes at The Yurt

And finally the scrambled eggs on toasted Forge House Bakery sourdough with pancetta and chorizo sausage (rather than smoked salmon).

Oh, and the filled croissant (see main pic) with crème pâtissière and fresh fruit (£4.95) because why the hell not! Oh, it was glorious, refined obviously (well, it is Nicholsons) and much enjoyed.

Scrambled eggs with chorizo on sourdough

Well prepared come rain or shine, The Yurt tent and the new private huts will keep the rain off when the real British summer hits, but in the meantime, I’d encourage you to enjoy the rays and the brunch at Nicholsons while you can!

Coffees at The Yurt

The Yurt, Nicholsons, North Aston. Tuesday to Saturday. Brunch: 9am – 11.45am
Lunch: 12.00 – 2.30pm. For more info or to book go to