Given that Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass –  were written in Oxford, it seems highly appropriate that the Oxford based Creation Theatre Company has chosen to apply its own brand of high energy enthusiasm to this interactive online production.


Creation emails you a link 30 minutes before the start and you click on to be greeted by a grinning purple cat who leads you right into the show.

“Truly a shared experience, and by the end a real camaraderie builds up”

Unless you opt out, the whole audience appears on small screens above the action and is encouraged to participate in dancing, wearing hats, and answering questions thrown at them by the Queen.

Truly a shared experience, and by the end a real camaraderie builds up!

Billed as ‘A Virtual Theme Park’ the action takes us through an exciting variety of settings, ranging from the Italian cook’s kitchen to a ‘Punch and Judy’ style theatre and an interactive computer game featuring running hedgehogs!

The quality of the graphics is excellently high tech, as is the music by Ben Davies, as we hurtle along at full speed amidst ‘magic, mayhem and madness’.

“A highly entertaining, family based package of fun”

A particular mention goes to a serene Leda Douglas as Alice, facing the chaos of the court trial where ‘the sentence is first, then the verdict’ and a phlegmatic ‘nonsense!’, Vera Chok as the cruel Queen of Hearts and Annabelle Terry as the Dormouse.

This highly entertaining, family based package of fun is showing throughout August.

For tickets for Alice: A Virtual Theme Park go to

Simon Court