Sam Woof of Goya Theatre

The North Wall‘s ability to transform its flexible space to accommodate the needs of each production it hosts is always impressive. Hosting Smart Casual: A New Musical was no different.

Written and directed by Sam Woof, the tale of six university friends after graduation is brought to us by his theatre company GOYA. (READ ABOUT IT HERE:

Mel – Darcy Dixon

As the band plays above in the balcony, the story takes place in Mel’s apartment, told over 18 months. Mel (played by Darcy Dixon) is struggling to get her dream job in fashion and waiting for her life to start, while everyone around her is moving on. 

“the script is witty and full of Generation Z quips”

While some in the group explore their sexuality or travel abroad, and others adjust their lives around fledgling careers, they all struggle to navigate the changing relationships and friendships they have with each other.

While each character demonstrates different personalities and ambitions, but their bond is put to the test as they go from student life to the perks and pitfalls of adulthood.

Alcohol-infused decisions, class divides, conversations about climate change and more – the script is witty and full of Generation Z quips. 

“William Foxton as Marc is the scene stealer”

Every actor has great material and performs it well, but William Foxton as Marc is the scene stealer, with his caustic one liners and flamboyant nature. 

Marc – William Foxton -steals the show

As a gay character, his musical number about heterosexuals was particularly hilarious, receiving huge belly laughs and extended applause mid-song.

The story moves at a cracking pace as the characters use each opportunity to expose their most intimate thoughts through singing amid some beautiful harmonies.

“Smart Casual manages to accurately capture what every graduate has experienced”

Smart Casual manages to accurately capture what every graduate has experienced: the sense of loss and loneliness as you leave university and strike out on your own, the excitement and trepidation for what the future holds and the universal experiences we all face growing up in our twenties. 

Having sold out performances at The North Wall and going on to perform at two venues in London in the coming weeks, the future certainly looks bright for GOYA and all those involved!

Smart Casual is at Above the Stag Theatre on the 6th-7th August. Tickets at

And The Cockpit as part of the Camden Fringe on the 20th-21st August. Tickets at: