Gloucester Green Market

If Oxford seems empty over the summer just pop round the corner to Gloucester Green‘s glorious outdoor street market and you’ll find everyone there

Trestle tables stretching as far as the eye can see with office workers on lunch breaks, students, tourists, locals kids, teens, all in on the secret and revelling in the incredible variety of street food on offer.

Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

Popping in on a Saturday lunchtime it was hard to even find a seat as keen punters queued up at the enormous variety of different street food stands covering the entire culinary breadth of the globe.

From Greece to Nepal, Tibet to Indonesia, the Middle East to Caribbean, Persia to China and Japan to Korean and German to Goan, plus everywhere in between, it is the best introduction to International cuisine you can find.

Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

And this is the way to eat, because street food is not only quick, affordable and moreish but it perfectly matches the market setting. So take your pick and then join the throng at a shared table and tuck in.

It also means you can accommodate all sorts of different tastes and temperaments meaning beyond from vegans to heat freaks, gluten intolerant to carb loaders, noodle aficionados to pasta fans

Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

What to choose however is a mammoth problem, because the sheer temptation offered at each stall is overwhelming.

From pad thais and momos to gyros, chicken wings, corn dogs, coffee, donuts, brownies, curries, pizzas, bratwurst and falafel wraps, nothing has been left to chance.

Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

Thai and Belgian for us – a mix of potato, cheese bacon and onion – a bit like a tartiflette – which came to £20 for both with a drink.

So yes, not only great value for money, plus the chance to try new cuisines, retaste others, do some shopping at the vintage and artisan stalls, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Thai at Gloucester Green Outdoor Market

Gloucester Green Outdoor Street Market is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays (both 9am-4pm), Fridays and Saturdays (9am-5pm).