The Scenic Supper views at Fir Farm

Meandering through the Cotswolds en route to Scenic Supper’s winter home Fir Farm in Lower Swell, it was hard to imagine how it could replace its summer glasshouse idyll.

Having been perched in a greenhouse overlooking the sweeping fields at Todenham Manor Farm, deer running amok, while being served endless courses of wonderful food was always going to be hard to beat.


A barn may be the next best thing, but how scenic could it be?

Scenic Supper at Fir Farm

Incredibly as it turned out, in every way – a windswept farm at the end of a track surrounded by the most beautiful countryside, framed by windows that focused your eyes on the views, the sun slowly setting as our wonderful lunch continued.


The Scenic Supper boys Toby Baggott and Sam Lawson-King. 

Yes, it does say Scenic Supper on the tin, but lunch is also on offer, so if I was you I’d book in now, because not only is the Scenic Supper experience utterly unique, but the food and service is impeccable, undertaken in a really relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s start with the cocktails – we did – only because they sounded so irresistible and seasonal. A smoked negroni which arrived with all the theatricality of Houdini, and a pumpkin spiced French 75 for the birthday girl.

The smoked negroni

Then two types of homemade bread (sourdough and cheese) served with two butters, walnut or parsley, were impossible to resist, regardless of how many courses were to follow.

The theatricality of the food was wonderful to behold, broths poured in teapots, cocktails that smoked, all carefully balanced flavour wise, and plated immaculately.

“not only is the Scenic Supper experience utterly unique, but the food and service is impeccable, undertaken in a really relaxed atmosphere”

It’s a set menu format – and we tried one veggie one meat – the beef brisket starter set in a Yorkshire pudding, the bone marrow jus poured over, chestnut mushrooms with mushroom tea for the veggies. Succulent, rural, earthy, traditional with a twist and a playful dig in the ribs, we were off too a roaring start.

Then a Fir Farm pheasant with a crisp skin, parsnip puree, served with some moreish roasties and pan fried sprouts, giving it a festive feel without going overboard.

The beetroot wellington alternative was a masterpiece, the root vegetable encased in a thin crispy pastry, sweet and juicy.

Pudding was a Cotswold chocolate orange mousse with honeycomb, an orange gel and a chocolate crumb, I could have eaten the orange gel in a bowl, but the texture contrast and balance of sweet and sour was incredible.

Cheese board? Of course, because it’s all local including the Blue Monday from Alex James‘ Farm up the road, served with head chef Samuel Idoine‘s blackcurrant chutney and champagne marinated celery. More, more, more….

Sadly, after a couple of strong lattes and we were done. The last diners to leave, as they prepared for a busy evening ahead.

It was an utter treat from start to finish, and I strongly recommend booking for The Scenic Supper right now as it is essentially a winter pop-up and therefore only available until December 18.

The four course lunch menu costs £55pp and the six-course dinner menu £70pp.

The Barn is open for lunch and dinner Wednesdays – Saturdays.

To book or for more information go to