There is a new way to watch shows at Oxford’s Old Fire Station and it’s called Theatre Club. Anyone can join and it’s a chance to meet people, watch new shows, talk about them, discuss programming and give your input.

Announced this month it runs like this: Every month, OFS selects a show from its programme. Just book a ticket and come along, meet before and after the show, hear about what the show is about and why OFS programmed it. Then stay afterwards to discuss what you thought. Easy right?

Alfie Brown: Red Flags Galore! Pic supposed to be upside down!

Perfect for people who want to come to shows but don’t want to attend alone, are new to theatregoing and want to learn more about it, or want to meet people with a similar interest in theatre and performance.

Tempted? Then have a look at the shows on offer:

Kinder: Tuesday 12 September, 7.30pm: Escaping on a Kindertransport train, one small Czech-Jewish girl embarks on a mighty adventure. Joyful, moving and poignant, multi-award winning Kinder features beautiful tabletop puppetry and cinematic shadow play, as Babi tries to assemble the parts of her broken identity, to find peace in her future. Book now.

DO I LOVE YOU? Tuesday 17 October, 7.30pm. This hilarious new dance-fuelled comedy follows burger bar employees, Natalie and Kyle, as they fall in love with Northern Soul. Trouble is, Natalie and Kyle are not that soulful! The brand new play from multi award-winning playwright John Godber. Book now.

Alfie Brown: Red Flags Galore! Wednesday 22 November, 8pm. Alfie Brown is the most hated man in an internet forum that he is not even the main subject of. But perhaps reading the worst things about yourself can be an educational experience? Is the digital age turning us bad, or is it merely shining a light on the bad previously unseen? Book now.

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