The pub’s closed. But if you’re feeling the need to enjoy a beer at the end of a home-working day and join in with some merry banter and sharpen your intellect, then what you need is a good pub quiz. 

Thankfully you can find one tonight, without breaking the rules of lock-down.  At 7pm you can join Frazer Sutherland from The Thatch in Thame as he hosts his regular pub quiz from the comfort of his own home. 

“If you’ve missed my face in the pub, now’s your chance to see it again,” says Frazer. “Tonight, I’ll be hosting an hour long quiz on Facebook Live from my living room, when I’ll have a glass in hand and be asking the questions. As usual, the topic will just be food and drink – because that’s what we love – and the questions will be designed to put any foodie’s knowledge to the test. 

Frazer’s Posh Pub Quiz at The Thatch Pub in Thame

“I’ve scoured the internet and done some obscure Google searching to come up with the questions and I promise it will be a laugh. Try to work out what wine I’m drinking or what I’m eating. Or guess the cheese. Tell me what building’s on the front of a HP Sauce bottle… and lots more. 

“Pour yourself a drink and join me. It’s just for fun. If it goes well, I’ll be doing it again. And don’t forget to post a photo of yourself or your virtual team taking part!”

To take part, go to The Thatch’s Facebook page Frazer will be live from 7pm on Wednesday 7th April. 

The Thatch is at 29-30 Lower High Street, Thame, Oxon, OX9 2AA.  Tel: 01844 214340.