ArtHeist at the North Wall is part of the HAUNT festival

A festival of theatre, comedy, workshops and more is heading to The North Wall on Saturday before it hits Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday.

New work BOAR will also feature on Saturday

Oxford-based theatre company, Poltergeist, are returning with a one-day theatre and comedy festival. 

The day will include workshops, a scratch night of exciting and risky new work, a preview of their Untapped Award Winning new show Art Heist, and a preview of Lewis Doherty’s new Game-of-Thrones-style one-man show BOAR.

“This is the second year that Poltergeist have worked with us to present HAUNT,” the North Wall’s Amy Walters says. “They are excited to build on the success of last year’s sold out festival with a more ambitious program and greater support the performers.”


  • 6pm: GHOST NIGHT: a free scratch performance which gives a taste of four pieces of new work, covering: forgiveness, dating apps and masculinity, the politics of porn, and the slipperiness of truth and self when we are interviewed. 

*  7.30pm: ART HEIST

Three thieves break into the same gallery on the same night.They’re all intent on stealing the same Extremely Valuable Painting. They’re bound to meet and it’s bound to get messy. An existential comedy caper which asks the Big Questions. What is art? Why is it Extremely Valuable? And, how much can I get for this on eBay? Winner of the 2019 Underbelly Untapped Award.

  • 9pm: BOAR Welcome to the Kingdom of Skadi. A place of adventure, a distant land where pirates, bounty hunters and thieves do battle in a world on the brink of destruction. With the King’s daughter captured by an evil dragon, who will survive in this quest of epic proportions and formidable consequences?Armed with just himself and a chair, Lewis Doherty (creator of Wolf) presents BOAR, a one-man fantasy adventure tale.
    Prepare for arrows to roll and heads to fly in this action packed hour of swords, sorcery and swill!

Charles Pidgeon, Poltergeist producer, said: “The North Wall really feels like Poltergeist’s spiritual home – back in 2017, The North Wall was the first theatre we’d performed at that had a dressing room!

Up until then we had always made do in student venues or bookshops.

The North Wall gives young and bushy-eyed artists the opportunity to try something out in a professional theatre. That is really the atmosphere what HAUNT is all about: making space for risky and exciting work to take its first steps.”

Poltergeist Theatre presents HAUNT

Haunt is on Saturday July 20

Haunt runs on Saturday at The North Wall Arts Centre, South Parade, Oxford OX2 7JN

Booking:  01865 319450