Our nominations are in for Best Cafe at the Ox In A Box Food Awards.

  1. Milkshed – Weston On The Green –  Lucie Greenwood’s Cornish hub in the Oxfordshire countryside where everything always seem better 

2) Crisis Cafe – Oxford – the charity angle is almost irrelevant although admirable – because the food here is so good – big hearty breakfasts and brunches from across the world

3) Cafe Coco – Cowley Road – is this a cafe or restaurant? Either way it’s as brilliant and funky as it was when it first opened.

4) Handlebar – Oxford – once a cyclers cafe this has grown beyond all belief and now boasts a bar as well as a light, lofty space and some thoughtful delicious food.

5) Ole & Steen – Oxford, Westgate – their Danish plaits stuffed with almonds and cinnamon defy belief. 

6) Yellow Submarine – Witney and Oxford – another incredible charity venture, equally as professional and beloved, teaching its students how to work in the catering industry while serving some seriously good sandwich style fare

7) The Jam Factory – Oxford – constantly evolving, this is a brilliant mix of cafe, restaurant, gallery and bar happily co-existing under one roof

8) Turl Street Kitchen – Oxford – under new management and coping admirably with the constant whirlwind of students, visitors, locals and tourists rushing through the door with a simple day-time menu.

9) Sylvie, Iffley Road – like eating in an eccentric aunt’s conservatory with food to match. Unpredictably magic.

10) Woodstock Coffee Shop – Greek, busy, friendly – exactly what you hope for in a cafe. And the spanofika……!

11) Nicholsons Yurt, North Aston – for the discerning gardener and quirky to boot

12) Annie’s – Thrupp – picturesque, right by the canal and serving unashamedly old fashioned cakes and sandwiches

13) Hackett’s Harbour – Farmoor Reservoir – best view, best chips and a lovely cuppa

Hackett’s at Farmoor Reservoir

14) Hamblin Bread – Iffley Road, Oxford – essentially a bakery making incredible fare – there are a few tables and chairs where you can enjoy a coffee and a bun. I would.

15) Skogen Kitchen – independent Skandi set up just off the High Street – properly nostalgic

16) Stansfield and Hoole – Market Square, Bicester – independent, accommodating, modern, contemporary  – great selection of hot drinks, cakes and sandwiches