Experience the tragic tale of Victor Frankenstein as he risks his life, his family, and his sanity to reanimate the dead, and suffers the unthinkable consequences in Wild Goose‘s new production coming to OFS this month.

This thrilling, fast paced play features Shelley’s exquisite language and ever pertinent themes of ambition, alienation, revenge, and family, enjoyed through physical theatre and live traditional sea shanties.

Billy Morton as Captain Walton

Join Captain Walton’s ship as he sails for the North Pole until the expedition is interrupted by an unexpected visitor: Victor Frankenstein. As Victor regales his life story, the sailors on board embody the characters from his life, from his lover Elizabeth to the terrifying Monster himself.

Director Billy Morton explains: “Frankenstein’s themes of science going too far have never been more pertinent – look at the way that AI has grown in complexity in recent years. Is man creating a 21st century Frankenstein’s monster?”

He continues: “Frankenstein has remained popular because of how Mary Shelley tackles these timeless themes, and we thought it was about time someone put on a truly faithful adaptation of the novel.”

Director Billy Morton

“We knew we needed to bring a fresh angle to the classic tale that only a theatrical setting could provide, while remaining faithful to the story. This is when I settled on an Arctic expedition coming across Victor Frankenstein and hearing his life story.

“Inspired by hit shows like The Woman in Black, we have the sailors on board the ship act out the story, taking on different characters throughout Victor’s life, underscored with sea shanties; traditional songs of the sea which enjoyed a renaissance on TikTok in 2020/21.”

Frankenstein runs at OFS from January 31 to Feb 5. Book at