Canterbury Tales

Half Cut Theatre is back with a dynamic and hilarious new modern day production of The Canterbury Tales, coming to Oxford and Abingdon. And the good news is the PAY-AS-YOU-WANT production aims to make theatre accessible to everyone!

Arriving at Abingdon’s Unicorn Theatre on Friday March 15 and Oxford’s St Mary Magdalen Church on Tuesday April 2, it is packed full of laughs, loves, music and mayhem, as Half Cut takes you on a raucous journey for young and old alike.

Adapted for the modern day by setting each tale in a different place, from a boarding school to the Wild West, a 1970s sitcom to a children’s TV show, with Half Cut at the helm you’ll be transported through the stories at break neck speed.

Originally written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 1300’s about a group of characters on a pilgrimage whose individual stories unfold en route, Half Cut immediately saw its potential when considering what to stage next.

Canterbury Tales

“There is so much scope for variety and different worlds to inhabit,” George Readshaw the co-founder and producer​ explains, “and we wanted to bring this a diverse group of people and voices to the stage.”

“Because they are just ordinary people and The Canterbury Tales is hysterically funny and very bawdy, which is quite a surprise for a modern audience.

Canterbury Tales

“It’s comic as you like and we really get our audiences involved. There is nothing passive about our shows,” George laughs, “which lightens the atmosphere so that the show becomes more of a group endeavour.”

And with the music for each tale specially composed by Eden Tredwell, and an ambitious set, lighting, music and costumes, Half Cut is pushing the boat out on this, their latest tour. Thanks to some excellent feedback and reviews along the way, The Canterbury Tales is really gathering momentum as prepares to arrive in Oxfordshire and tickets are selling out fast.

Canterbury Tales

“It’s very exciting and I think that adrenalin infuses the show,” George says. “But our main aim is to make theatre as affordable as possible, and bring our shows to people who might not ordinarily go, especially young people, by making tickets pay-as-you-want so that the audience decides what their ticket is worth.

“Oxford is a bit different because it’s already so cultural, but it’s where I’m from so we love performing there and always make sure its on our tour schedule. We love coming back.”

The Canterbury Tales are at Abingdon’s Unicorn Theatre on Friday March 15 BOOK HERE and Oxford’s St Mary Magdalen Church BOOK HERE on Tuesday April 2.