Parkour is daring, adventurous and urban, made accessible through YouTube and social media, and therefore the perfect way to attract a younger crowd, preferably those who rarely venture into a theatre.

Justice In Motion’s parkour show, On Edge is coming to Oxford Castle at the weekend, bringing a collection of some of Europe’s best parkour athletes. And it’s free.

physical theatre is as powerful as words

The brand-new, breath-taking, visually stunning and highly engaging piece, dynamically blends theatre and parkour with a compelling story using theatre, video, original soundtrack and an impressive set structure.

it will relate a story of modern slavery, to raise awareness and spread the word, parkour seeming the perfect way in.

On Edge is receiving tremendous acclaim as a result, while touring around the UK, venturing to venues from building sites to festivals.

“All the performers bring something different to the table,” Anja Meinhardt the Artistic Director says, “different skillsets. It’s so freeing.

“And performing a show about something you really care about is really liberating. It has a motive, which makes it more moving and if that makes people think about modern slavery and debate it when they go home, or find out more about it, then that’s a bonus. And all through physical theatre, which is as powerful as words. The story is simply told but it sticks in your mind.

“It’s been an incredible marriage, using parkour as an art form to talk about these issues in real communities, so attracting the people we are trying to access.”

Justice In Motion is an Oxford theatre company set up by Anja Meinhardt in 2013 to deal with complex social issues through theatre.

“It really is a journey and we have a lot to learn, but performing in Oxford is really exciting. It’s our home crowd, our supporters, so we hope everyone comes along to Oxford Castle to have a look, to enjoy, engage and join.”

A young audience member tries out the parkour park

On Edge is at Oxford Castle, where the audience can also enjoy the parkour park, under assistance.

Saturday August 17

2pm-4pm: Parkour Park 

5pm: ON EDGE

Sunday 18th August

10:30am-11:30am: Parkour Park

12 noon: ON EDGE

1pm-3pm: Parkour Park

4pm: ON EDGE