Florence Pugh with Granzo Pat on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. Pics by Clinton Pugh

Florence Pugh was determined to enjoy the premiere of her new film Don’t Worry Darling in style at the Venice Film Festival in style and who better to invite than her own family.

Which is why her dad Clinton Pugh (of Oxford’s Cafe Coco, Kazbar and Cafe Tarifa fame), and mum Deborah were there, alongside Deb’s mum Granzo Pat, Florence’s sister Raffie, her brother Toby (of Toby Sebastian the musical fame READ ABOUT IT HERE and his girlfriend Scarlet, accompanied her.

“Next thing I know Granzo pat’s dancing for all the photographers calling her name. It was truly the most special moment I have ever had on a carpet”

But when Florence walked the red carpet, she invited Granzo Pat to join her. and the world’s photographers lapped it up. Dancing, chatting and laughing, 85 year-old Granzo Pat was a natural and loved the limelight, which of course then trended on social media posts all over the world.

En route to the Don’t Worry Darling film screening: Pat Mackin, Deborah and Raffie Pugh. Pic by Clinton Pugh

Granzo Pat has a really special time” Clinton said. “She and Florence had a lot of fun up there on the red carpet and the photographers went mad. She nearly stole the show,” he laughed.

Florence herself posted on Instagram: “A few months ago my Granzo Pat said she hadn’t bothered renewing her passport because she didn’t think she’d be doing too much travelling the older she gets. She is such an adventurer that it saddened us all that she was thinking that way. I asked her, “but granny, what about being on the red carpet at my premiere in Venice? After some thought she started the process. 

Florence Pugh getting ready with hair stylist Peter Lux

“At the end of my walk down that carpet, I saw my granny taking pictures on her phone. 
I hugged her and asked if she would like to stand with me for a picture, her eyes lit up whilst also saying “oh they don’t want to see me..” I assured her they did. 

“Next thing I know she’s dancing for all the photographers calling her name. It was truly the most special moment I have ever had on a carpet. 
“She has always been beauty and grace, but to see her so proud and so natural when hundreds of people were watching and cheering was truly remarkable. Granzo Pat is remarkable.”

Florence Pugh in Valentino. Pic by Clinton Pugh

It was a fun escape from the intense scrutiny Florence was under as Don’t Worry Darling premiered at Venice in which she stars with Harry Styles. Directed by Olivia Wilde, the film hasn’t been without controversy so Granzo Pat’s turn on the red carpet provided some light relief.

Florence looked stunning in a Valentino black glitter printed tulle dress embroidered with silver sequins. Clinton said: “I am obviously extremely proud. The whole family being in Venice was a wonderful experience and everyone looked stunning.”

Raffie, Scarlet and Toby. Pic by Clinton Pugh

26 year-old Florence, who is currently filming Dune 2, is hot news at the moment in Hollywood after starring in Midsommar, Little Women (for which she was Oscar and BAFTA nominated) and Marvel’s Black Widow. Originating from Oxford she went to Oxfordshire’s Cokethorpe School and St Edwards before moving into acting. READ ABOUT IT HERE