Dick and Angel Strawbridge

You can’t miss Escape To The Chateau‘s Dick and Angel Strawbridge, her inimitable red hair and his infamous moustache aways standing out from the crowd.

The fact that they will also be hosting the VIP Enclosure at Blenheim Palace’s Game Fair on Sunday 28 July in the VIP Enclosure alongside celebrity chef James Martin only adds to their visibility, sponsored by Investec Wealth & Investment (UK).

The pair met and fell in love in 2010, he an avid cook, she a well known vintage queen as captured on Dragons Den. Buying a dilapidated chateau in France and then doing it up, as seen on Ch4’s Escape To The Chateau only endeared them to a whole new legion of fans.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge at their chateau in France

But despite their French idyll, they can’t wait for their weekend away at July’s Game Fair at Blenheim Palace where their guests will eat in splendour and mingle with VIPs.

So what have this dynamic duo got in store for their guests this year and how is the chateau? OXINABOX finds out more.

“We’re really excited to be hosting the VIP Enclosure with James. It’s going to be a day full of good food and hospitality – two of our passions! We can’t wait to meet everyone who comes along and plan on having lots of fun,” they said.


Currently planning the menu, Dick says: “We can’t give too much away but there will be a focus on game, wild food and sustainability, and while I’ll be cooking alongside James, Angel is curating the floral décor and arrangements for the Enclosure itself.

“I’ll also be doing a cookery demo in the BASC Wild Food Theatre, cooking with game meat and wild food, hoping to inspire attendees to perhaps try something new. 

“Demo aside, we’ll be there with like-minded people chatting and answering questions in the Enclosure all day so come along and have a chat!”

The Game fair. Credit Sarah Farnsworth

So who does the cooking at home? “Dick is the main cook in our home but our son Arthur is a budding chef who loves to experiment with flavour and techniques. His passion and knowledge at 11 years old never ceases to amaze us!” Angel says:

“But I’m always in charge of breakfast and brunch though which is something we love to do when we have the time. We love cooking together as a family and because we grow our own food in our Walled Garden, the children understand and appreciate the provenance of what they eat.

So do they tend to eat English or French food at home? “It’s a real amalgamation. We have embraced simple French pleasures like the fantastic bread and local cheese but we also enjoy baked beans on toast and always ensure we have English tea in the cupboard! When we host weddings or have people to stay, we tend to serve food that celebrates the local cuisine and traditions of France,” she continues.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge

Well known for their eco-friendly stance, how important is growing their own food to the Strawbridges? “Self sufficiency and sustainability have always been my passion,” Dick says. “When we were looking for a home in France, having space to grow our own food was always part of the plan. Not everyone has the opportunity to ‘grow their own’ but shopping seasonally and being mindful of what you eat and where it comes from is a great place to start. We love that in France you can’t buy a strawberry out of season!

And how are things at the chateau? “Things are great. We’ve finished some of the ‘big jobs’ like the roof and render, but of course with a building like this, there is always something to do, and plenty of opportunities to create something new,” Angel explains.

Aerial view of Blenheim Palace

“We have a few new projects bubbling at the moment, which are very exciting, and we are also in the final stages of curating our new cookery and craft book that comes out in October, to coincide with our brand new, biggest ever UK tour, Forever Home. So, it’s been all go for us!

With so much on their plates how do the famous couple find the time to do everything? “It’s a juggling act! But we count ourselves very lucky to have found a beautiful home for our family. We get our children involved in everything and for us that’s been the key, because everyday things like cooking, gardening and R&R around the house become fun!

Dick & Angel – The Chateau Forever Home

“And our home is a constant source of inspiration for both of us. Whether it’s the Chateau itself, the building and the history, or the nature that surrounds us. Our family is also a huge part of this inspiration and what keeps us going!   

So will they have time to explore all the other attractions at The Game Fair? “Aside from Dick and James’ cooking (of course), I’m hoping to pop along to the Arts & Antiques Pavilion in Association with LAPADA. You know I can’t resist an antique!” Angel chuckles.

The Game Fair at Blenheim Palace runs from July 26-28. For more info go to https://thegamefair.org Book the VIP Enclosure here https://thegamefair.org/escape-to-the-chateau-stars-dick-and-angel-strawbridge-will-host-vip-enclosure-at-game-fair-on-sunday-28th-july/