Gio Botto's In the red corner Didcot

To give you a taste of Oxfordshire Artweeks‘ famous county-wide arts festival next month, a new online Spring Show offers a tantalising glimpse of the talent, extent and variety of art we can soon see in person.

Showcasing the work of over 400 artists, artists, designers, and creators, the online Spring Show is a joyful and colourful celebration of spring and the world around us as a pre-cursor to Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival (May 4-27), when you can view the artists’ work for yourselves. CLICK HERE

Dee Robinson Blowing in the wind

The online show, which opens on April 12 and runs until May 31 is a great way to spot artists, click through to see more of their work and plan to visit them during the festival itself. CLICK HERE

Alison Vincent Oxford

The breadth and scope of work available to see online is impressive, as you can see in the published and online guide, available across the county in libraries, park and rides, galleries, theatres, local information spots and via the artists themselves. 

ruta manko

From painting and ceramics to jewellery. collage, sculpture, prints, carvings, photography, glasswork, furniture and so much more, the inspiration and expertise involved comes from all corners of the globe.

Val Hughes Tin Fish Great Coxwell

Our local landscape features large, from clouds scudding over The Ridgeway to a Red Kite sculpted in wood, bluebell woods, the Radcliffe Camera, the cooling towers of Didcot Power Station, Northern Lights taken in Oxford’s Cutteslowe Park and industrial wastelands.

John Gunter Wantage

Further field the art transports you from the Mosel Valley to Mauritius and Kenya in Oxfordshire Artweeks showcase of the many wonders of the world.

Johannes von Stumm at New College Oxford, presented by Oxford Festival of the Arts

Other pieces are designed to spark conversations about current affairs and our fragile environment, such as the AI art generated by Tony Wyer, or Johannes von Stumm at New College Oxford, presented by Oxford Festival of the Arts (more to follow), while humour is prevalent throughout as evident in Sushi Swim by Artweeks newcomer Bry Leighton. 

lorraine berkshire-roe littlemore

With echoes of the past, you’ll find the folklore of the Cornish ‘Obby ‘Oss festival, the ancient Wayland’s Smithy, an enchanting take on Dragon Hill and ammonite fossils seen both in pottery by Woodstock’s Jane Topliss and in and fine art photography by Benedict Ramos in Tackley. 

Harriet Coleridge Tube cube Ewelme

Smile at a hare on a train, a cat with a moustache and a set of ceramic doughnuts, Everything Stops for Tea or Watlington’s Mark Lord’s Gin and Tonic linocut print, proving that there really is something for everyone!

Ruth Swain Anyway Up, Jericho

To see the Oxfordshire Artweeks on-line Spring show visit